Breastfeeding Journey - Leakage

by - 3/14/2017

One of my least favorite thing about breastfeeding is the leakage. While most women stop leaking after awhile, it never stopped for me. Recently I have read somewhere that leakage is a very real problem among smaller sized breast women. I'm guessing due to having more milk than our "cup" can contained. Leakage makes it very hard to wear anything nice. Breast pads helped but I filled them up too fast and had no choice but to use disposable which can be quite expensive over time. 

I hate the smell of sour milk, and some days I have to live in it. My hair, my clothes, and my whole body all covered in this sour smell... It doesn't make me want to go anywhere. 

Days like today really make me want to quit... who feels me? 

On the lighter note, this is the first of my many "short stories" or "flashes of life" post! Short and simple... 

I love it! can't wait to start and finish and entry in one sitting before little hands start to grab and pull everything.

Happy Tuesday!

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