Welcome the year of Dinh Dau (Rooster)

by - 1/30/2017

Since last blog entry we have welcomed a new Lunar New Year. The year of the Rooster or in Vietnamese it is Dinh Dau. A little fact about our family, I'm Vietnamese and Felipe is Chinese but Felipe was born and raised in Colombia (yes, South America) so naturally he is a native Spanish speaker while barely know any Chinese at all. It's a long and interesting story... but more on that later...

When Felix was about to turn a year old (which was right before the year of the Sheep) Felipe's parents gifted him with a traditional Chinese outfit to wear for his first birthday... and now it belongs to Parker. Lunar New Year or as I called it "Tet" is more important to me than my husband. Growing up Felipe didn't understand too much about his Chinese heritage and was more influenced by the Hispanic culture that help shaped him into the man he is today.

This year, many aspect of our lives are simplified... and so is the way we celebrated our heritage is also quite simple. The boys are still very young so we just keep the basic such as gifting them lucky money in red envelopes... taking them to Hoi Cho Tet (the New Year Fair) to experience the festivities and introduce them to the some of the food we have during this special time.

Felix enjoyed the Fair very much. His uncle bought him these tiny firecrackers that will pop when thrown on the ground. Watching him is like watching my younger self seeing these thing for the first time again. This type of major holidays meant so much when I was little... and overtime have become dull and silly in my adult years. I'm reminded to be more involve and teaching my kids about their heritage and background but at the same time... creating our own traditions that work with the dynamic of our family.

I'm looking forward to how our holidays will evolve in the coming years as the boys grow older and especially with family around. We wish you all a healthy and prosperous NEW YEAR!

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