Sick kids: a few tips I wish I knew

by - 1/05/2017

At the moment, my two boys are sleeping soundly next to me. The worst seems to be over, and we all literally breathe a little better tonight. Here I lay, unable to sleep, debating whether or not to send Felix back to preschool tomorrow.

Any parent knows, nothing make you lose sleep over more than having sickly little ones at home. Never ever have I feel so helpless and useless than when I watch my kiddos suffer and really don't know how to help. 

Is it me, or kids always come down with something at night or on weekend. The ER seems to be the only logical choice because there is literally no one you can call for help... Doctor office and urgent care are closed... 

I got lucky with Felix. For the first 2.5 years, Felix didn't have any sickness other than a low grade fever when teething sometimes since he didn't have to go to daycare and always with me. As soon as he entered preschool, however, he has been catching bugs after bugs and so did Parker. Poor Parker, no matter what I can't seem to keep him away from his brother's germs. Is it even possible to sanitize everything? 

The first time dealing with an unknown sickness, I was clueless and scared out of my mind. There is no training, yet everyone expects Moms to know just what to do. I mean, the instinct to protect your child is definitely there, but it's far from knowing what is the right course of action to take.

When it comes to finding answer in the middle of the night before deciding to either ride it until morning or rush your child to the ER, Google can be your best or worst of friends! If you're like me, in the beginning, it feels like every other Moms are expert dealing with sick kids except for you! The there are insane amount of  information that further confusing me to say the least.

While I still don't have a clue how to deal with whatever my children will come down with in the future, there are a few items that I find very helpful to have in my home to deal day to day stuff.
  • Nose Frida Aspirator - This is a must especially in combination with this saline mist (none of those saline drop stuff... trauma for both baby and mom I tell you!) Have these items in your med cab at all time. I wish I have these from the beginning. 
Lets hope the New Year is the end of this never ending streak of sickness. I have been blessed to remained the last healthy person in the house. Please let me stay that way. Also... I have decided Felix will stay home for this week so the kids can fully recover, I catch a break, and no chance of catching anything new!!!

Have a healthy year ahead  ya'll.

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