First post! refresh and restart. Lets just write!

by - 12/23/2016

Okay. Here goes.

Today, while watching a marathon of a Korean drama, my husband commented that I seem depressed. He isn't wrong. Being home with my two boys all day, while on call 24/7 for the past 2 almost 3 years take a toll on me to say the least. I used to blog, and that used to help getting all of my thoughts and feeling out.

Being in my head, having conversations with myself, and no real connection with other adults wasn't ideal to say the least. I was stuck like that for awhile with no real outlet. Blogging used to be my outlet, but I haven't have much time for it since I gave birth to my little Felix.

I have always wanted to blog again. I tried and tried but failed many time. Until today! my husband comment woke me up. I want to blog again. I feel excited just thinking about it, but once I got on my old blog... I just couldn't write anything, so I erased it all. What a bold move on my part, but it feels liberating!

I feel like in order for me to be serious about making this work, I have to let go of the old. "Let it go!" Restart! So here is my first effort to restart. My first post on my brand new blog, with new layout and design. The only thing I kept was the name.

2 days before Christmas and almost the beginning of a New Year, I have a new blog and I am excited. This is still a personal blog to show case my creative thoughts, family value, and a minimalist lifestyle.

I  hope to fill this with beautiful things, - pictures, decors, food, travels - and so on. I want to celebrate life and whatever it might bring! I hope it will bring me inner peace and inspires goodness.

Will you look at that... I already feel less depressed! Go me! Go blogging go!

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  1. So glad you're blogging again! I like the new restart!

  2. Go Kathy! Go blogging! :) I found your blog through instagram (don't remember how I came across your instagram though!) and coincidentally, I've made "writing more" a goal for 2017 also and rebooted my blog. It's so encouraging that I'm not alone in doing this!

    1. it only took me almost a month to see this comment you left but thank you for commenting and stopping by. It's a struggle to keep up blogging with young kids and messy fingers but I'm not going to stop :) I hope to read more of your posts as well! lets keep it up shall we?