A Mom of two boys!

by - 12/23/2016

When Felix was born, my Dad joked that he's no longer the lonely male in the family. You see... I grew up with 2 sisters and didn't  have any male cousin around either. I wasn't typically girly nor a tomboy, but being around mostly girls, I was a little nervous when my first born is a boy.

When I got pregnant the second time around, our ultrasound technician told us that she was 80% sure that we would have another boy. Before the ultrasound I was so sure that I have a girl for numerous reasons, so with 20% uncertainty I was nervous up until I held Parker in my arms for the first time.

So now I'm a mom of 2 boys and because my husband and I decided not to have any more children, that make me the only female in our household. I'm not going to lie... I like that a lot. All of the worries from the beginning are fleeting away.

People will ask or rather tell us to try for a girl. For balance, they said. If I win the lottery tomorrow... for sure I would try.

For now... I love being surrounded by the attention and love from the guys in my family!

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